Bust Rack is the first in a series of new 1.5″ Module racks to build full function consoles.

Bust Rack is capable of 8 Busses + Solo.

Racks link for 10,20,30 ++ inputs utilizing 8 Busses.

Bust Module is fully discrete differential input 8 buss assign with fader, pan and mute.

Bust + modules are also Buss masters with master mute and solo for the buss.

Bust and Bust + modules will only function in the Bust Rack.

First rack would be 8 Bust +, 2 Bust.

Additional rack would be 10 Bust modules.

Input and Buss fader are both optionally remote long throw.

Buss Inserts are optional.

Assign & Mute status are recallable as on board “scenes”

Bust Rack

10 Slot Bust or Bust + Module Rack
Front Handles
I/O XLR & D-Sub
CE, ROHS, & WEEE Marked

Digital Control designed in collaboration with Jon Ulrigg – Shiny Box

Target Pricing : First Rack $9200, Additional racks $7000. Buy factory direct or through select dealers.

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