The MFTWENTY5 Modular Console system is a simple yet elegant solution for any sized recording studio looking for a complete, modular mixing desk. The MFTWENTY5 is made up of a few key pieces that can be used as part of the console, or standalone as features added on to your current studio equipment such as a DAW or a tape recorder. Read about each piece of the MFTWENTY5 console below!

MFTWENTY5 1RU Summing Mixer

MF Rack Mixer Front MF Rack Mixer Back

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The MFTWENTY5 is a rack mountable summing mixer,  designed for the 500 series.  A dual input 10×2 with stereo solo buss, and mono Aux buss.  The MFTWENTY5 brings new use and value to your 500 series racks and modules. This mixer is made of discrete parts, and allows for multiple configurations including dual input, mono, and stereo stem mixing. The MFTWENTY5 uses fifty five discrete op amps and has a transformer balanced output on the  stereo mix. Use the MFTWENTY5 for your console, sidecar, or something bigger by taking advantage of the ability to cascade multiple units to create larger platforms.  The MFTWENTY5 1-RU summing mixer can be used in conjunction with the Purple Audio Meter Bridge and Fader Pack products to create a fully modular console, or  standalone with your current gear.

The MFTwenty5 1-RU summing mixer is a dual input 20×2 mixer. Each channel is assignable mono or stereo. In mono mode the bottom concentric knob is pan, in stereo it is balance. If the unit is set up without the optional fader pack, the top knob is used as the fader. When the unit is configured with the fader pack connected, the top knob controls a mono aux send. Each aux send on the MFTWENTY5 can be assigned to pre or post fader, the push switch on that knob acts as the aux mute. As all the inputs are multed and show up on DB-25, you are able to plug your converter output or any combination of outboard or 500 modules directly in as inputs to the MFTWENTY5. Giving you a 20 x 2 stem mixer or a 10 x 2 mono input mixer.

The MFTWENTY5 can be used as an addition to studios of any size or as the basis for your centerpiece console. With the power of 500 series customization your studio can evolve as fast, if not faster than the music you are creating there.

The MFTwenty5 is a perfect way to add more flexibility to a large format console.  Add ten stereo returns  or ten more mono channels, use it to sum 16 busses to a grand master.  Use it to sum multiple compressors or equalizers in mono or stereo to create your own unique system.

Linking five busses together uses a DB-25, eight pair to TRS.

Buss 1, Aux

Buss 2, ST L

Buss 3, ST R

Buss 4, Solo L

Buss 5, Solo R







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MF Controls

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MF Series Meter Bridge


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The MF Series Meter Bridge has 11 pairs of LED meters, 10 inputs, and 1 stereo master meter. The Meter Bridge was designed for use with the MF Series Console, however, everything in this series can also be used with your existing gear as a standalone piece.    Four selectable modes show: VU, Peak, OVR and Peak OVR.


2RU Meter unit comes in to varieties,

Single DB-25 input for use with the MFTwenty5, with cable.

Three DB-25 stacked input for use with a standard balanced 8 Pair Cables. For use as remote metering for DAW, Tape Machines, 5.1 or 7.1 Metering, Stereo source metering, etc. The inputs 1-8, 9-16, 17-22 are multed with 100k input impedance so no additional patch or mult is needed to insert in signal path.


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MF Series Fader Pack

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MF Series Fader Pack - OverviewFeatures & SpecificationsWhere to Buy

The MF Series Fader Pack is a great solution for any studio environment. The MF Series Fader Pack comes in a few configurations, each to accomplish a unique task in your workflow.  Fader connect to the MFTwenty5 fader loop connector.   Faders are also available as a standalone unit but not the fader loops are unbalanced and so care must be taken connecting.   We use TKD 9000 series faders,  a quality fader available in mono and stereo versions.

4RU Fader Units come standard with (2), three foot DB-37 Cables for interconnect to MFTwenty5 Mixer. Faders are available in four varieties:

FTen – Ten mono faders

FTen2 – Ten mono faders, one Stereo master fader.

FTwenty – Ten Stere0 faders

FTwenty2 – Eleven Stereo Faders, Ten for inputs, one master fader


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MF Console System

console-cutout-for-webMF System-13

MF Console System - OverviewFeatures & Specifications

Each of the pieces of MF series gear is built to use as a standalone unit if you wish. However, they can also be used to create a modular console that can be tailored to fit the needs of your studio. The MF Console System is built using the MFTwenty5 Summing mixer at it’s core, 2 or more Purple Audio Sweet Ten Racks (or racks of your choice), Your existing collection of 500 Series Modules, the MF Fader Bank, and the MF Meter Bridge. Of course,  any of these pieces can be omitted, with the exception of the summing mixer, to create any sort of console you can imagine. Contact us to learn more!

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