Purple Audio has partnered with the Mauch Chunk Opera House to help make their venue into a destination live recording venue.

Our first project at the opera house was to build them a transformer isolated three way mic splitter, with this we can get a feed of all the stage microphones into our adjoining building.  To date we have captured over 300 shows.  We record in such a way that the band is minimally aware of our presence and as such does not need to stress about recording.   If that show goes well you have a clean multitrack with all the stage mics and with two pairs of room mics to purchase and remix.  If the show does not go well enough to justify further investment the band gets a free MP3 rough mix as a reference.

The studio uses our mic preamps directly into a antelope orion 32 converter.   We do a rough mix using our eqs, compressors and console.









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