I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I like the Biz module I purchased from you. Over the past two weeks I have been tracking a bunch of electric guitar (Les Paul and Marshall JCM-800) and we went through a pretty thorough comparison of quite a few different flavors of pre amp that I have in my set up. We put an AEA R-92 ribbon in front of an old Marshall 4X12 cab and went to town. The candidates were: API 312, API 512C, API 512A, Biz, OSA MP-L3, OSA MP-L, Chandler LTD-1, a pre from an E-Series SSL, and an old Ampex 351. All were great sounding in their own way, but both the player and I continually came back to the Biz and ended up using it for a majority of the tracks with some Chandler (for the 1073-esque flavor) and the 512C thrown in to add some different flavor. I found the Biz module to be big and thick – but not tubby. Aggressive – but not too edgy, and overall a very complimentary pre for the amp/guitar/mic combo we were using.

I knew a product like this from you guys would be very good, but I have to say that the Biz is a stellar pre amp. I also intend to spread the word to my other 500-Series brothers 🙂 Great product! –Dave from Los Angeles 

I’m really enjoying your products. I have a couple A-Designs P-1’s and API 521c’s. They’re both great pres… but they just don’t seem to “KILL” like the “BIZ” does. Thanks for the prompt help and the fantastic pres. I always tell everyone who will listen about your pres. 

Purple Audio’s The BIZ is the rock of my preamp collection. I have many preamp flavors to draw on in my rack – Telefunken V-76’s, Trident B Range modules, API’s, Tube Tech – and the BIZ is my “Go To” preamp for just about everything. Vocals, Bass, and Drums all sparkle through the BIZ – and guitars – instant wood! I’ve sold many of my other 500 form factor preamps and replaced them with the BIZ – the range of colours available through the BIZ is astounding. You can really dial in a sound, be it crystal clear cleans to dirty dirty dirty. And the I/O meters really keep me in control of my gain structure. The BIZ is truly the BIZ!!! Can’t wait to hear the other 500 series modules Purple has cooking. The BIZ is an absolute home run! 
-Jamie Saft
Frank Booth Industries 


The Purple Biz Mk is a very versatile preamp with unique coloration. By engaging the dual circuitry, one can dial in many tones with the gain and level parameter. Great choice for vocals, guitars, you name it…This preamp always stands out among other high end preamps in my collection. I love it! 
-Marc Bauman  HouseRecordingStudios.com

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