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I’ve had a Sweet Ten on backorder with Vintage King for probably around 9 months. I waited and waited, and I stayed faithful. It arrived around a week after AES.
  Holy shit.

For what could be considered an “un-sexy” box in the utilitarian sense, this is one hot librarian babe. It’s solid as shit, I love the new design details (PS stays cool and quiet, optional I/O looks handy), and my 500 series modules dropped in without any hassles (even my finicky module is behaving better than it has before).

If you ever wondered whether someone would notice all of the attention to detail and the hard work, well… it paid off. Awesome stuff.

Keep up the great work – it’s very much appreciated. Brant SF Bay Area



Well I have been using my Sweet 10 for just a few days and I am thoroughly impressed by the build quality and simplicity. We have an API rack in Stings studio but this really is better, super quiet built in power supply, power switch and room for growth with multi connectors on the rear. Basically it beats the API hands down. Before it arrived I was thinking about doing a listen test between the two racks but having heard it I now know that will be a pointless exercise. A great piece of kit and if your going to get into the 500 series and you’d have to be an idiot not to, then a Sweet 10 is what you should use to house them, it’s that simple. Thanks for all your help Andrew, I am a Purple Audio fan.

Donal Hodgson

From Tape Op Forum 11/23/10

I’ve owned a Sweet Ten 500 series rack for almost 2 years now. I also own pairs of 4 different modules made by Purple. I’ve been impressed with how useful & solid all these tools are.
Around 6 months ago I started having issues hearing noise (hum) in the 4 or 5 modules closest to the power supply in the Sweet Ten. It could pass when recording LOUD drums or amps but was not satisfactory for use with low output mics recording quiet sources. I contacted Andrew via email, received a response within a day that they were working on a new design & would be replacing previous models that had used a linear power supply. I contacted him about once a month for progress updates, always got an answer & time estimate. I have to admit I was getting antsy waiting & sent an email asking if I should contact Mercenary (who I originally purchased from) to switch out with another brand. Andrew assured me the new models were near completion & again apologized for the inconvenience. Last week I received a new, redesigned model, tested over the weekend, recorded drum tracks yesterday & am immensely impressed. All slots are dead silent, the power supply is physically more quite & stays cooler, the seating for the modules is better & they changed up the secondary I/O for balanced 1/4″ connection. What I thought was a great unit before is worlds better now. Andrew also took care of Fed Ex return shipping of the old unit.

It was well worth the wait & I am extremely satisfied that Andrew/Purple Audio have gone the distance to back up their products & maintain a high level of quality


Will Dyar (sir hills)
Freelance Engineer
Santa Fe, NM

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